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Traffic is good. But if you’re not generating business from it, there is something to fix.

If your website has 5,000 monthly users and converts 1% of them, a single point increase in your conversion rate would bring in 100% more paying customers every month. Boosting your conversion rate means more revenue from your website visits, lower customer acquisition costs, and increased sales. So why not get started now!

But where do you start? Running a conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit will show you how to fix bottlenecks, meet user needs, and improve your site’s conversions.

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What’s included in an audit from Higher Ground?

All websites have different strategies and purpose, so there are no simple approaches to a CRO audit. Low conversion rates can come from a wide range of areas, from lead generation issues, such as low form submissions, to sales funnel problems with users adding products to baskets, but not completing their purchase.

In our expert opinion workshops are the best way to learn about your digital marketing strategy as a whole, and which factors could contribute to a poor conversion rate.

Once we discover what could be causing low conversion rates, we can design new solutions to increase them.

Our 5 step process

Workshop to understand the problem
Analytics vs Competition
Customer journey mapping and CTAs
Wireframing and messaging
Final designs for higher conversions

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CRO Audit and Repair

Our 5 step process and three final design website templates

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CRO Audit and Repair

Our 5 step process and five final design website templates

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We can also design and develop custom landing pages and websites.

We focus on generating new customers, and not just traffic

We use innovative techniques from writing content, to designing new user journeys. We design optimised user experiences for targeted audiences.

High Ground - problem solving as service

Problem solving as a service

Knowledge is the key. Book a 2hr CRO workshop for £295 and learn all you need to know about what could be causing your low online conversion rates and how to fix it.

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