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How can Higher Ground help with your Pay Per Click management?

PPC is a powerful tool your business should invest in to increase online reach, launch a new campaign, yield great returns and be a lead or sales flow that you can turn on and off to suit.

Higher Ground Pay Per Click experts have delivered successful, dynamic and profitable PPC strategies for over 18 years with honesty and acute awareness of our clients’ spend.

What is Pay Per Click marketing?

Pay Per Click (PPC) enables you to pay to appear in the search engines immediately. Target specific audiences and locations, and control how many clicks you want
Typically, PPC is associated with large search engines such as Google where keywords are used to push your website to the top of the Google search rankings. Then, if the consumer chooses to click through to your website, you pay a small fee every time that advert is clicked.

PPC and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Higher Ground are Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) specialists. We have led successful campaigns working with companies of all sizes spending from £50/week to £15000/week.

We'll investigate and analyse your approach and your goals. The more we know about your business early on the better. Only then can we know what your conversion rate could or should be.


We’ll analyse your data to see what works and more importantly, what isn’t working at all. Using detailed personas and competitor research to better target your ideal customers and deliver a proactive and cost effective Pay Per Click strategy that delivers real results for you.

Integrating & Implementing

As conversion rate optimisation specialists it’s our job to ensure you see a solid return on investment from your marketing spend. This is why we focus not only on the right keywords that truly match customer’s requirements, but CRO as well. Both work hand in hand.

Our implementation experience is extensive, crafting convincing content combined with clear calls to action and creative, appealing design. We will manage the accounts on your behalf, but fully understand you own them, so will communicate with you clearly and with integrity.

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Optimising & Reporting

Our management strategy is agile and proactive, yet responsive and reactive to changing landscapes and behaviour in order to optimise performance and maximise your returns. Our data-driven approach ensures you get the most from every pound, dollar and euro spent.

We’ll regularly update you with regular reports, relaying insights that demonstrate the PPC strategy’s impact. These insights consistently improve the strategy, ensuring your marketing spend continually focuses on what your audience wants and remains inline with your broader business goals.

Why PPC for your business?

Your marketing budget is precious. Cost Per Click costs are continuing to rise. So it’s never been a better time to use an agency that is agile, highly effective and doesn't waste budget.

Our Pay Per Click management methods are tried and tested and usually result in top 3 search results for our clients. Harness our expertise and watch your results rocket: we work hard for you to win big.

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