Website analysis services

Expert analysis of website data can provide invaluable insights.

Use our 20+ years' expertise to analyse your website or application data to make improvements

For any digital platform to succeed you need to understand what your users want, then analyse data to discover and report what is actually going on. Our website analysis services can help. 

By analysing data from a whole range of sources we can report on effectiveness and use a scientific approach to help us make decisions.

We utilize quantitative and qualitative data, numerous tools, data feeds and custom designed audits to show customers how and where they can make user experience improvements, how they can improve their business processes and convert more customers from their marketing traffic. All of which helps with better interaction and more business growth

Analysing User Experience

How are people interacting with your website or application? Where do they stop interacting? What do they need to do? What methods are you using to analyse user journeys?

Higher Ground are specialists in analysing user behaviour and experiences throughout their journey on a digital platform. We can report on findings and then create bespoke customer journeys for each business that enables them to be more successful through our scientific approach to design decisions.

Call upon Higher Ground’s specialist website analysis services to help make improvements. Read more about our UX design services here

Analysis services to improve conversion rates

Get a better Return On Investment by improving conversion rates. We analyse key metric data information such as; user interaction, marketing spend, keyword data and lead information to help devise a highly effective CRO strategy. 

When we understand the data, we can implement it to improve user experience and maximise user interaction. We use data provided by specialist software such as Analytics, ClickTale, HotJar, Optimizely and CrazyEgg to identify how users interact and devise improved strategies. These will make your customer journey better and improve your overall strategic CRO approach.

Use our CRO agency services to help.

Website analysis services for SEO

For any Search Engine Optimisation strategy to succeed you need to understand market data and leverage it in your company's favour. There are many factors to analyse that influence Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Our approach analyses link building, google Page Experience algorithms, content strategy, social media reach, and many more factors. We use tools to analyse and audit technical elements such as broken pages, or other tools such CrazyEgg or Analytics to identify if users find a page useful.

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Website analysis for PPC marketing

Having an external team review your current Pay Per Click approach is always good for a second opinion and for gaining knowledge.

Some agencies don't provide reports or prove their worth. The best approach is to conduct regular audits and reviews of keyword spend vs revenue.

We can help you get more from your campaign - even if you want to stay with your current provider.

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